Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sherman Alexie on Colbert Report

Interesting to hear Sherman Alexie's commentary on why he doesn't want any of his books to be electronic. I purchased a Kindle recently w/ not necessarily the intent on buying/reading ebooks but rather for reading my grad school articles because I found that you could read PDF's on 'em. I realized that trying to carry a bunch of articles or rather having to print them all was a hassle and an even bigger hassle to try and read/flip through 'em on a packed bart/muni. I decided that the Kindle would save me the trouble of printing articles, that I honestly might not ever read again. Hearing Sherman Alexie talk about the local appreciation of reading and the tangible qualities of a book reminded why I didn't ever want a Kindle. I think the argument is similar to how I feel about Serato/digital DJing. Technology will always be a double edge sword and we need to be careful how we use it.