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I moved my blog so peep for the latest
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Who's the masta!?!?!?

Another post back to back! I must be bored!

This clip brings back old memories. I actually found the vinyl a few years ago at a record show. Now, to the clip...LONG LIVE BRUCE LEE!!!

Let's not forget, THE GLOW!!! Look at those special effects!!!!

And here's one to grow on... Same artist, different year...


Dayam!!! If I had any readers at all, I probably lost them. You probably clicked over here once and thought "ok" he got some interesting stuff up. And when you clicked over again, you thought "shit, this lazy fool doesn't update for shieeeeeeeeet!" I will try to do a better job of updates (don't hold me to it though). Initially, I just wanted to post music but I will expand it. No need for static. If you are out there reading, hit me back with a comment or two so that I'm not blogging for ghosts! I'd like to know that someone out there is actually reading this. So here's a treat for checkin' in witcha boy!

A leaked joint from Big Boi of Outkast feat. his partner Andre and Raekwon "The Chef". Ah, sounds like some good ole 90's rap but made in 2008.

REMEMBER: "Its ezier to run the streets than walk in the sand". -Andre 3000
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JB Tribute UPDATE!!!

Once again, if u missed out on my James Brown Tribute set, u can still catch it via FREE LIVE MIXTAPE!!! This is an updated link with all the files in 1 zip that includes cover art...if u want tah pop it into ur itunes!!!
Just to give y'all a lil' context, Dominoes poppin' off, kung fu flicks playin' on da screen, and some Taurus b-days in the place. Hosted by Do DAT and DJ Phatrick.


Here's the cover art...good lookin' Phatrick!!!

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JB Tribute

Back up in this blog-o-sphere! Check out the special James Brown tribute set I did @ Devil's Pie last Thursday!

Dowload both parts and unzip!!!

Download Part 1!

Download Part 2!
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Kaygee Samples V2

The Samples

Volume two

Milk Crate Breaks 2007

Here are the tracks included for volume two

Kurtis Blow
christmas rappin
(used for Next's too close)

Willie Hutch
I choose you
(used for Jaheim's The Chosen one)

Mellow mellow right on
(used for Zhane's so badd)

Lafayette afro rock band
(Used for Naughty by nature's everything's gonna be alright)

Les McAnn
Morning song
(Used for naughty by nature's dirt all by my lonely)

The Delfonics
Trying to make a fool of me
(used for Urban mystic's My block)

Gwen Guthrie
Seventh heaven
(used for Faith Evan's Goodlife)

Vicki Anderson
Land of milk & honey
(used for Naughty By Natures poor man's poetry)

Melvin Bliss
Synthetic subsitution
(used for naughty by nature's O.P.P)

Oliver Cheatham
Get down saturday night
(used for Ideal's Whatever)

Billy Davis & Marilyn McCoo
Nothing can stop me
(used for Jaheim's could it be)

The Fantastic four
Alvin stone (the birth & death of a gangster)
(used for jaheim's diamond in da ruff)

Sylvia Striplin
You can't turn me away
(used for naughty by nature's hip hop hurray)

The Crusaders
message from the inner city
(used for queen latifah's U.N.I.T.Y)

Waiting for your Love
(used for shade sheist's where i wanna be)


Kaygee Samples V1

So the new year has came in this Roman New Year and I haven't posted anything. But here's a lil' sumthin' that you crate diggers might enjoy. I'm reposting this from another great site called Milk Crate Breaks, who is the person that compiled this.

The Samples

Volume one

Milk Crate Breaks 2007

Super Producer Kaygee the DJ/Producer from Hip Hop Royalty Naughty By nature,
started his hit trail with multi platinum albums by Naughty by nature but moved into
his own brand of Soul r&b back in the early 90's
(before the style was later coined Neo Soul)
with his first signing to Naughty's Ill town records imprint
The Jazzy & Soulful Female Duo Zhane (who released 2 platinum albums)

He then started Divine Mill records (after departing from Naughty by nature)
and hit the world with the #1 & platinum plus acts Next, Jaheim & Koffee Brown
which made him a force in the R&B world.

all the time handling production for artists like
Michael Jackson, Queen Latifah, Aaliyah, Eazy E, Luther vandross,
Shade sheist, Faith, Notorious B.I.G, Charlie Wilson, Syleena Johnson
and even Pop teeny boppers Brooke Hogan & Stacie Orrico

his wide range of styles and low profile have kept him
on the billboard charts year after year since the early 90's
release of naughty's first album

i don't think theres a more consistent producer around,
so I decided to compile some of the samples he has used over the years,

here are the tracks included in Volume one

Alicia Meyers
If you play your cards right
(used for Next's Imagine that)

Michael Wycoff
Looking up to you
(used for Zhane's hey mr DJ)

Ashford & Simpson
It seems to hang on
(used for Zhane's request line)

Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes
wake up everybody
(Used for Jaheim's Fabulous)

Boney M
No woman no cry
(Used for naughty by nature's everything's gonna be alright)

Eddy Grant
Time warp
(used for Jaheim's like a DJ)

The Five Stairsteps
Don't change your love
(used for naughty by nature's hip hop Hurray)

Herb Alpert
(used for Koffee Brown's Weekend thing)

The Isley Brothers
Make me say it again girl
(used for naughty by nature's hip hop hurray)

The Jackson 5
(used for Naughty by Nature's O.P.P)

The Meters
Find Yourself
(used for naughty by nature's feel me flow)

Original Concept
knowledge me
(used for Urban mystic's I got that)

Saint Tropez
Belle Du Jour
(used for next's next episode intro)

Tom Tom Club
genius of love
(used for jaheim's Just in case remix)

Ultra Magnetic MC's
Ego Trippin'
(used for Next's Jerk feat 50 cent)

GET IT!!!!