Tuesday, September 13, 2011

30s the new 20!?!?!?!?!

Although I can't honestly say that I relate to all the content of this song, nor would I want to compare my "worth" to Jay Z but I can relate to its central theme: maturity. As I turn 30 today, the song helps me reflect on what it's meant for me to grow and mature. I remember all the dumb sh&* I did as a youngsta. I remember how ignorant and unrefined some of my thoughts and actions were. I remember how invincible I felt. Remembering and not doing anything to correct your wrongs is immaturity at its finest. Aging is one thing but aging without growth is futile. I still see "grown" folx still acting the fool and still holding the same views they had as a teenager. What's worst is seeing them pass on these values to children. I hope I remain conscious of my faults so that I don't replicate the same mistakes. Growth without wisdom is not growth at all. I refuse to be stagnant and will keep it movin' forward...w/ vigor, wisdom, and creativity! Please keep me to my word!!!


Unknown said...

l like the beat it's cool

princessaileen said...

I like nice beat to listen to